Complete guide on buying steam cleaner


The traditional mops used to clean home are centuries old and it is replaced by steam mops in recent days. Steam mops have an internal water boiler that heats up the water which is produced as steam to remove the dirt and germs. Whether you purchase steam mops for the first time, second, third or even fifth, you must be very cautious.

There are different steam mop models available in the store you may get confused to pick the right machine for your home. In the website, you can find the tips on how to select the best steam machine and the factors you want to consider when buying the machine.

Steam mops work efficiently to clean the grimy floors without using chemicals and makers of some steam machines claim that their machines even kill mites and bacteria.

Cleaning your home not only makes your home appear beautiful but it also offers many benefits to the members of your family. In the website, you can find the possible risks in an unclean home.

You should use the steam mop rightly otherwise, there are chances of cracks and damages on the floor. Steam mops work well on stone tiles and sealed ceramic without any hurts. When shopping a steam mop, you should consider the other features of the mop.

It is wise to select a mop with a water tank that is large enough to clean the surfaces without refilling again for several times. If you want to clean large surfaces then it is good to buy a steam machine with a large water tank.

Pad rest helps you to sit the steam mop during the cleaning task. This feature allows the mop to sit in a single place without hurting the floor. For example, you can use this feature when answering a phone call in the middle of cleaning work.

Carpet glider attachment is used to when cleaning the carpet. It is a handy attachment for cleaning carpet and eliminating light soiling. For high soiling, you must use heavy duty steam cleaner or carpet shampoo.

Cleaning pads are made up of microfiber to trap the shifted dirt. Some steam cleaner models come with multiple pads and with different pad types. Telescoping wand is used to control the wand to match your height so that you can avoid bending back too much when cleaning.

You must ensure whether the power cord of the machine is large enough so that you can reach long surfaces easily from the power point. You must aware where the power points are located before shopping a steam mop.

Accessory tools include different tools such as a jet nozzle, brush that can be used to clean grout, shower cubicles and any surfaces. Steam read indicator is the handy feature that alerts you once the machine has heated up and ready to use.

Steam-off lock switch is designed for safety purposes and it acts as a safety lock to avoid the steam flow turning on accidently. Apart from this, there are several other features you need to consider when buying a steam cleaner.